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< Level 1 - Beginners >
Suitable for those approaching riding for the first time or for those afraid of horses because they  tried in the past, but may have had a negative experience.
Step 1: Approaching the horses
In this first phase, the theme is the relationship between horse and rider. This begins with the rider on the ground.
Aims: Develop trust in the horse so the rider can approach the horse in as natural and spontaneous a way as possible.
Methods: Care and grooming of the horse. Leading the horse.
Step 2: Empathy
This is the next step in the relationship with the horse, which due to its particular sensitivity and emotivity, can immediately pick up any change in the state of the rider. In the relationship, the rider develops his sense of individuality in empathy with the individuality of the horse. He sees the horse as a creature with intelligence and personality and develops a sense of respect for it.
Aims: to approach  work on horseback in a natural  and motivated manner.
Methods: the horse is held on the lunge rein and controlled by the instructor on the ground. Lessons on the lunge in the first two paces (walk and trot).
Step 3: Trust
The rider deepens and consolidates his sense of respect for the horse and maintains his empathy towards it. He gains confidence in his own skills thanks to progress made through work in the saddle.
Aims: to improve technique and the relationship between horse and rider progressing to autonomy in handling the horse both in the saddle and on the ground.
Methods: the horse is no longer held on the lunge by the instructor. The rider, on his own or in a group, consolidates his balance in the saddle and learns to ride figures in flatwork at the walk and trot.
< Level 2 - intermediate >
For those who have completed level 1 and want to learn more about the relationship with the horse and riding technique.
Aims: improve the technique of the rider and his seat and work on the three paces and  precision in riding the horse.
Methods: Alone or in a group, the rider practises riding figures in  flatwork at walk and trot, carrying out transitions at the three paces and learns how to jump small obstacles. He completes this phase with exercises at the third pace: canter.
< Level 3 - Advanced >
Aims: to manage a horse well enough to ride out on a hack and do small jumping or dressage competitions.
Methods: Alone or in a group, the rider improves his technique at the three paces and perfects his jumping technique.

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