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In addition to show-jumping competitions, Club Ippico Euratom organises
Club Dressage Competitions.
Dressage is an equine discipline which requires the horse and rider to ride compulsory figures in an arena of 20m x 40 m or 20m x 60m.
These figures must be ridden with the maximum precision and in order to do so, the horse and rider must share an exceptional understanding. The precision of the figures is evaluated by one or more judges.

Riders must wear  suitable attire:
- black jacket
- white breeches
- white shirt, or polo neck, with stock ( a kind of white scarf with a pin) or tie
- top hat (if not available a hard hat is allowed)
- white gloves
- spurs (optional for ponies)
- black boots
(whips are not allowed unless advised by the instructor or approved by the judge)

- English saddle
- white saddle pad
- snaffle bridle or double bridle (snaffle and curb bit together)
- ear covers (with judge's approval)
- white bandages are allowed

(the horse must be perfectly turned out)

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